Victoria's program and materials work!  But don't take our word for it. Read the testimonies of how her program has worked for other students, teachers and parents.

Here are just a few comments Victoria has received over the years on the success of her program:

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"Ms. Olivadoti has helped hundreds of students achieve success with her empowering methods. Students and parents know that this system works. Students learn that effort and persistence not only brings academic success, it brings confidence and a "can do" attitude- an invaluable skill that is theirs forever." 

-Dr. Laura Hathaway, Ed. D, Founder /Director of The Pegasus School

"As a parent and teacher advocate, I believe Victoria's approach to instruction goes to the heart of creating a meaningful homework experience for students. 

Marc Ecker, Ph.D   Former Superintendent; Fountain Valley Elementary School District

"Unlike the others, your book offered me reasons why my child was struggling and the most effective methods to turn it around that I had ever tried. I didn’t think it would work and boy was I surprised. It not only worked but it was immediate
Samantha Cryors, Mother of Seventh Grade Boy."
"I have been teaching twenty-seven years and I can't believe I didn't think of this. It is so simple and yet so powerful! 
- Karen Connor - Third Grade Teacher"
"At first I was frustrated and I never thought I could figure it out. I remembered some of the tricks for figuring out a problem, and then I could do it. I don’t think I will get as frustrated next time. 
- B. Friedman - Student"

Christine Allcorn, Fountain Valley School Board Member, summarizes the value of Victoria's seminars:

"I recently had the good fortune of attending a seminar presented by the Homework Doc, Victoria Olivadoti.  She began her presentation with the question, "How many of you think homework is a bonding experience for parents and children?"  After a good laugh from the audience of Fountain Valley teachers, she proceeded to tell us the importance of homework in the education of children and the role parents, teachers, and students must play in the process.