Seminars for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

These seminars show students how to work independently, feel confident, eliminate frustration, and at the same time, face the challenges of homework. They leave with a sense of control, knowing how they learn best and become empowered to get their teachers to teach to their personal style of learning.  Students leave with an arsenal of strategies in the inquiry method of learning, how to test effectively and  time and paper management; improving classroom performance, while freeing them from the "last minute sweats" that formerly required homework help.  


  1. Smarter Not Harder
  2. Seven Secrets About the Brain Every Student Needs to Know
  3. Eight Secrets About Teachers Every Student Needs to Know
  4. Backwards Planning - The Cure For Procrastination
  5. Homework Habit- Empower Students with Strategies
  6. Overcoming the Fear of Asking Questions