Homework Solutions Seminars

Vicki’s Seminars will provide attendees with valuable information that will change the way they look at Homework. She offers effective methods for dealing with the most common homework problems experienced by parents, students and teachers. She demonstrates strategies that are practical and easy to implement.

Vicki has extensive experience leading groups of teachers, school administrators & support personnel, parents, and students. She focuses on tangible, implementable strategies that have a dramatic effect on parental skills as well as student performance and confidence. 

Seminars Via Satellite:

The internet can bring Victoria into your home, classroom or meeting room.  Fees are significantly reduced with this option.
Contact Victoria and receive more information. 


For Students

  1. Smarter Not Harder
  2. Seven Secrets About the Brain Every Student Needs to Know
  3. Eight Secrets About Teachers Every Student Needs to Know
  4. Backwards Planning - The Cure For Procrastination
  5. Homework Habit- Empower Students with Strategies
  6. Overcoming the Fear of Asking Questions

    For Teachers:

      For Parents:

      These seminars provided the ‘missing link’ for helping my child succeed.  They are packed with techniques I will use tomorrow. -Jerry Finch – Third Grade Parent