Homework Solutions Seminars

Victoria’s Seminars will provide attendees with valuable information that will change the way they look at Homework. She offers effective methods for dealing with the most common homework problems experienced by parents, students and teachers. She demonstrates strategies that are practical and easy to implement.

Victoria has extensive experience leading groups of teachers, school administrators & support personnel, parents, and students. She focuses on tangible, implementable strategies that may have a dramatic effect on parental skills as well as student performance and confidence. Read testimonials from participants in past seminars.

NEW!! College Student Seminars

NEW!! Livingroom Dialogues: 

Invite parents from your neighborhood for a relaxed discussion of the challenges they are facing. Contact Victoria for details.

Seminars for Parents:

These seminars demonstrate to parents how to remove themselves from the stress of daily homework while building their children's confidence and sense of independence.  Strategies are offered that empower students to get their personal needs met from any teacher they may encounter.
"This seminar gave me the ‘missing link’ for helping my child succeed.  It was packed with techniques I will use tomorrow." -Jerry Finch – Third Grade Parent

Seminars for Children: 

These seminars show students how to work independently, feel confident, eliminate frustration, and face the challenges of homework. They leave with a sense of control, knowing how they learn best and become empowered to get their teachers to teach to their personal style of learning.  Students leave with strategies for time and paper management; freeing them from the "last minute sweats." 

Seminars for Teachers: 

These seminars demonstrate how to create a homework program that is easy to implement and maximizes student performance with minimal changes to their program. Differentiated instruction becomes student driven with no additional work on the part of the teacher.  Improved listening skills, less time spent reteaching concepts, improved test performance are just a few of the benefits of the approach.
To contact Vicki and receive more information, please send her an email.

NEW!  College Student Seminars:  

Learn how to work smart and not hard. Strategies will be shared that eliminate guess work on papers and tests.  Don't waste the first test or paper of the semester.  Get your professors to teach to your style of learning.  Change the class from a 1-120 ratio to a 1-1 ratio.  It's easier than one would think.  

Consider a seminar via the internet.  

Bring Victoria into your home, classroom, or meeting via satellite.