End Homework Stress And Create Engaged Self-Advocates

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The “Homework Solutions” method is a unique method of instruction that incorporates essential skills proven to build independence, self-advocacy, organizational skills, time management, and self-reliance. Students gain a deeper understanding of their personal learning styles which differentiates instruction. Additionally, the curriculum provides students with a backpack of strategies, while promoting student-teacher communication, executive skills acquisition, test anxiety reduction, and self-advocacy. Through backwards planning, students gain a true understanding of our motto, “Proper Prior Practice and Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

"Ms. Olivadoti has help hundreds of students achieve success with her methods.  Students and parents know that this system works. Students learn that effort and persistence not only brings academic success, it brings confidence and a "can do" attitude - an invaluable skill that is theirs forever." Dr. Laura Hathaway: Founder of The Pegasus School


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