Victoria Olividoti "The Homework Doc"

Victoria has an amazing ability to capture her audience, entertain them, and leave them thinking differently about the role of parent, student, and teacher in education today. Her seminars not only empower students, they empower teachers and parents, as well. Seminar attendees will leave with concrete strategies that will make small changes in instruction and huge gains with their students. "She provides the missing link," stated Kim Linker at a recent training session. "Vicki provides parents with strategies that are unique yet simple."

Victoria's Credentials 

  • Over 20 years of helping parents and students deal with digital distractions.
  • Master teacher for forty-five years.
  • Recognized most recently by the "Who's Who of Teachers," "Who's Who of Women in Business," "Who's Who of Influential Educators."
  • Dedicated teacher at the Pegasus School in Huntington Beach. 
  • Currently working with third grade students.
  • Lovingly known as the "Homework Doc" by her empowered students.
  • Takes students from failing status to Honor Role in one semester. 
  • Coaches college students who have been swallowed-up by the demands of college life.
  • Valuable speaker at national conferences. 
  • Has also been an extension an instructor University of California at Irvine Department of Continuing Education. 
  • Popular presenter for school districts and parent organizations.  
  • Brings an end to Homework Headaches
  • Strategies to Improve test scores
  • Shares an innovative approach to instruction and the implementation of study skills and test taking skills.
  • Columnist for the Long Beach Grunion Gazette.
  • Offers strategies that empower students to get their needs met from their teachers without parent intervention.



How Victoria became The Homework Doc

"One of my students was observing that I was helping some of his classmates go from "D's" and "F's" to "A's and B's" and he said you are like a "Homework Doctor" so I thought that would be a good byline. I changed my title to 'doc' so people wouldn't misunderstand and think that I was a doctor. It says a lot about what I do."



-Dr. Laura Hathaway, Ed. D, Founder /Director of The Pegasus School

"As a parent and teacher advocate, I believe Victoria's approach to instruction goes to the heart of creating a meaningful homework experience for students. 

Marc Ecker, Ph.D   Former Superintendent; Fountain Valley Elementary School District

"Unlike the others, your book offered me reasons why my child was struggling and the most effective methods to turn it around that I had ever tried. I didn’t think it would work and boy was I surprised. It not only worked but it was immediate
Samantha Cryors, Mother of Seventh Grade Boy."
"I have been teaching twenty-seven years and I can't believe I didn't think of this. It is so simple and yet so powerful! 
- Karen Connor - Third Grade Teacher"
"At first I was frustrated and I never thought I could figure it out. I remembered some of the tricks for figuring out a problem, and then I could do it. I don’t think I will get as frustrated next time. 
- B. Friedman - Student"


Christine Allcorn, Fountain Valley School Board Member, summarizes the value of Victoria's seminars:

"I recently had the good fortune of attending a seminar presented by the Homework Doc, Victoria Olivadoti.  She began her presentation with the question, "How many of you think homework is a bonding experience for parents and children?"  After a good laugh from the audience of Fountain Valley teachers, she proceeded to tell us the importance of homework in the education of children and the role parents, teachers, and students must play in the process.


Chadwick's Director:

To Whom It May Concern, 
It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Victoria Olivadoti. I first came in contact with this bright lady at a conference for California Independent School teachers and administrators. She spoke to teachers about homework. Victoria had everyone interested, enthused and energized. When it comes to helping teachers remember the impact homework has on the children's life after school, Victoria does a wonderful job. Ms. Olivadoti's unassuming way is easy to understand and incorporate. My teachers went right back to their classrooms and tried a lot of Vicki's suggestions. I also had Ms. Olivadoti speak to a group of interested parents. Again, she was able to relate well to the group. Because she is a parent herself, she easily empathized with the group. The parents, just as the teachers had done, quickly integrated a number of Victoria's suggestions. I would recommend Victoria as a speaker in any venue. Her books are helpful resources, and I would also suggest that one has them available for use by the groups to which Victoria speaks. 
Sincerely Yours, 
Megan M. Scannell, Ed.D.