Sleep in Children: A Practical Guide for Parents


Sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality are an epidemic in America. In a 24-hour a day, 7 day a week society, we don't value sleep as something necessary for good health and well-being, and our kids are paying the price. Sending students to school sleepy is like sending them to school without their pencils and paper. They don't have the tools necessary to learn the skills they are being taught at school and are at a higher risk for getting sick, becoming overweight, and are more likely to end up with behavioral problems. 

This workbook will take you through the basics of sleep, describe the long-term repercussions of poor sleep, help you to recognize the signs of poor sleep in your child, and how to improve the sleep environment and bedtime regimen to increase the quality and quantity of sleep in your child. Not all problems in our world have an easy fix, and sleep is definitely one that can take some effort to get the best outcome possible. Sleep can be affected by the environment we are in before and during bedtime, diet before bed, pre-existing medical conditions, illness, stress, along with many other factors. 

This workbook is meant to help give a better understanding of sleep and start you and your child on the journey to better sleep. Even when following each and every suggestion, some children may need further assistance or medication, so a trip to the pediatrician may be necessary. However, this book will give you the tools to do as much as possible before visiting your pediatrician. 

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