A Great Time to Teach and Practice Time Management

A Great Time to Teach and Practice Time Management

The number one skill blocking the success of individuals is poor "Time Management."

With children on a more relaxed schedule it would be helpful to establish a fixed time schedule for all activities and chores. 

Not considering the time eaters when scheduling one's day can get individuals into crunch situations. Before we have children schedule themselves, they need to have an awareness of how much time tasks take. Teaching this to children at an early age can help them become effective self-managers. 

While your children are at home, it is a perfect time to help them experience what elapsed time feels like. Getting them out of the house will become much easier with a knowledge of how much time their daily activities actually take to complete. Backwards planning creates a sense of urgency to maximize the time they do have. 

Click here to download and print a copy of this activity for your children. It will be fund and help them get a grasp of what time is needed to complete daily tasks. 

Have your children add additional tasks to test, such as going to the bathroom. It is a time waster if not managed. 


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