Students Are Our Best Teachers

I have had many students impact my teaching. Suzy is one. She had the biggest blue eyes and sat in the front row of my second grade class. Her curly blond hair was always adorned with a big huge bow. She struggled and was not doing well in class.  One Monday morning I tried to bring her out of her daydreaming state by informing her that she would not know how to do her homework if she didn't watch what I was demonstrating. "It's okay, my mom will help me at home." This response changed the way I taught from then on out.

For years, teachers swore children weren't listening because they suffered from the "Sesame Street Syndrome," which resulted in children only listening when they were entertained.  But, Suzy shed a different light on the reason for their lack of engagement. If mom could help her, she didn't need to listen when got lost during instruction. 

Once we removed her mother's help and taught her how to ask for mine, this little seven year old soared. 


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