Seven Secrets About Teachers Every Student Should Know

If you are a parent,  share these secrets with your children before they begin their new year.

If you are a teacher, share these secrets the first day to get them off on the right foot and establish an environment that will maximize their performance while taking the guesswork out of providing effective instruction. 

  1. Teachers are not mind readers. They have no idea if students understand what they are teaching. They don’t know what your last year’s teacher taught. They don’t know if you were sick or at a doctor’s appointment when it was taught. Help them help you by asking questions when instruction is unclear. They prefer you save your questions for them and not a tutor or parent.
  2. Teachers learn more about how to be a good teacher for you by the questions you ask.
  3. Teachers do not go on pause when you leave the room or are on vacation. Have a friend take notes should you need to leave the room. Have a note buddy who can take notes for you when you are not at school.
  4. Pay attention to whatever the teacher writes on the board. If they feel its important this is one way they will let you know. You can be sure that 90% of what they write will appear on a test or be referred to later.
  5. Teachers only judge you by your actions. They will not judge you on your past, only your present. Every year offers a new start.
  6. Teachers like when students tell them they want to improve.
  7. Visit their office hours. They want you to ask for help. It takes the guesswork out of how to be the best teacher for you.

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