Secrets Students Need to Know #6

Secret #6: Teachers Don't Love Grading Papers!

Students need to know that presenting teachers with messy papers isn't a good idea, since not all teachers love grading. If teachers are not in a good frame of mind about grading in the first place, they aren't going be any happier if the paper looks unorganized, dirty, or crumpled. 

Paper grading is subjective. If a teacher is vacillating between a B+ and an A-, the look of the paper can make a big difference in deciding which way to go.

Want to impress teachers before they grade your papers? 

  1. Make your paper look organized by using heading and margins.
  2. Present teachers with legible work.
  3. Self-edit your work by pretending you are grading someone's paper you do not like.
  4. Read your work backwards to make sure you spelled words correctly and used punctuation.



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