Secrets Students Need to Know #4

Secret #4: Teachers only judge students by their actions, not by what they might have heard about them.

Sharing this secret with students at the beginning of the year will set the stage for a positive year. Listing specific observable behaviors that would demonstrate the type of student they want the teacher to see is very important before they enter the classroom.

If a student has had a bad reputation in the past, it is helpful to approach the teacher before school starts and state, "I don't know what you have heard about me, but I want to be a better student this year."  This enlists the support of the teacher before school even begins. 

It's Never Too Late To Change

Teachers know that children change and they love being part of positive changes in their students. If students don't like the impression they have been giving, it's possible to enlist their help in making changes. They can elicit the help by stating, "Ms. __, I know have been not behaving well. I don't like getting in trouble, I want to do better. What can I do?"

Self-advocates send a message that they are serious about wanting to be a better student. Teachers will jump through hoops to help students who want to help themselves. 


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