Pressure Students Feel

I speak to high schoolers regularly about the pressures they feel in their freshman year. They are asked to make decisions about what they will become in fifteen years. I feel the pressure they experience to make decisions at the young age of 14 and 15. They walk slumped over, because their backpacks are over laden with books from weighted classes.

In my work, I have heard the cries of sophomores wanting to end the pressure. Some resort to just giving up. "I just can't see doing this for three more years, then four years in college, and how ever many years in graduate school. It's too much!"

What was true for older generations, no longer applies. There are no guarantees given with a college degree. Going to a "good" school doesn't give one the connections it once did. A shift in thinking is in order. 

Please click here and watch this powerful video. It will help students and parents deal with what exits today. Let's relieve them of the pressure they feel. 


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