Pivot and Prevail

Pivot and Prevail

This is a time of great opportunity. My students have been taught to do Proper Prior Plan and Practice to Prevent a Poor Performance. We spent the entire months of September, October, and November experimenting with different problem solving strategies related to personal time, paper management, study strategies, and test taking strategies. They discovered how much time they personally needed to get their best performance on presentations, tests, and assignments. They even learned to take into consideration the unique needs of their classmates when grouped on projects.

But they could not pre-plan for their current learning situation.  It is hard to plan for what we didn't know we needed to know. But my students have also learned to Pivot and Prevail. When faced with challenges prior to on-line learning, they discovered that the failures they experienced were signs they needed to change what they were doing. They had permission to fail and try something different until they had strategies that supported their unique needs. These strategies were different for each child. These wonderful 9 year olds were prepared for what they didn't know they needed to be prepared for, because they knew that with every challenge before, they could pivot and prevail!

The mantra in my classroom has been "Proper Prior Planning and Practice Prevent a Poor Performance and if a challenge arises "Pivot and Prevail." They have learned not to fall apart when something didn't work. They discovered they didn't need a parent to help them as long as they were willing to keep trying different ways of tackling a challenge.

This past month and a half they have watched me do the same thing. Not knowing anything about technology or teaching on-line, they have worked with me as we have tried a dozen different ways to make this on-line learning more palatable.

My on-line class has turned into my students teaching me. If they see me struggling, they offer suggestions and together we work through challenges. After several tries, we celebrate the success together.


I couldn't be more proud of these determined children. Shout out to them for their tenacity and resilience.



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