One Mom's Solution - Brings Calm to Her Home

One Mom's Solution - Brings Calm to Her Home

To alleviate unnecessary stress related to their school schedules being abruptly stopped, My subscriber sent the schedule above to show how she was helping her children deal with their new situation.


She also happens to be my beautiful and problem solving niece. She knew having her children home 24-7 needed some structure, so she sat down with my 7 year old great niece and 5 year old great nephew. They are active and energetic children, so my niece decided to have them create a daily schedule to bring calm into the home. As they sat around the table, they discussed the what they need to do for school and all the things they wanted to accomplish at home that they have not had time to do. 


Between the need for her daughter to know what was coming next and her son's obsession with time, she reported that they came up with a great schedule. She offered suggestions and created the pictured schedule. They were so excited about it that they wanted to do a trial run on Sunday. She shared that the house was never so quiet and that they were engaged like she had not seen them ever before.


After reviewing the schedule with them at the end of the day, they decided they needed to make a few changes. They now feel ready to take on Monday and begin their first day of self-study. 


She commented that the school sent home computer options, but she is not fond of that kind of learning and will limit this option. She already discovered that Prodigy was addictive for her daughter and needed to be limited to no more than 10 minutes to avoid it negatively impacting her daughter's behavior.


They will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of their schedule on a daily basis to make needed changes and add variety so the schedule remains novel. Novelty will bring calm.


Please remember that this a scary time  for children and slowing down activities and enjoying the free time they now will alleviate unnecessary stress.

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