Neuroscience Education the Key to Student Success

Neuroscience Education the Key to Student Success

Sharing The Seven Secrets About Your Brain with my students was so well received this year that I had students made the point to thank me personally for the presentation. One boy confided, "I always thought I should be able to remember what I learned last year. I felt stupid if others could answer questions that I forgot. My mom always told me I was so smart, but I didn't believe her because other kids answered questions faster than me. Now I know probably forgot things because my dendrites pruned or my amygdala went off. That made me feel so much better." 

A simple thing such as learning about how the brain receives information, saves it, and retrieves it, can relieve other students of the stress they feel after three months of vacation. Another student caught my attention at carpool and pointed out, "You were right. If you just relax the hippocampus will find the information for you. I couldn't remember the name of those hairs on the neuron that grow with practice. It came to me while we were walking out just now that they are called dendrites."

I am probably the only crazy third grader teacher who starts the new year with neuroscience. It is the foundation for success things in teaching students to be efficient time, paper, and device managers. It empowers them to become powerful self-advocates. 

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