How Do You Engage Students November 10, 2017 07:13

I recently presented at a conference for the Orange County Gifted Association's Annual Conference. My topic was "Secrets About Teachers Who Engage." Since I always have amazing teachers attending my sessions, I like to access what they have to offer. I don't want to bore them with information they already have, and I like to hear some new ideas myself. I want to thank those who shared with the group. The following were recommendations suggested by the attendees:

  1. Incorporate music and videos
  2. Share personal experience
  3. Seesaw
  4. Pear Deck: An app
  5. Uchole Brain Teaching
  6. Allow students to teach
  7. Use guest speakers
  8. Involve art
  9. Songs for Schools
  10. Kahoot
  11. Khan Academy

I have not used any of the above techniques, so I can not attest to their effectiveness, but others felt they were worth mentioning.

Today I'll share a few of the strategies I have found effective in getting every student engaged in answering questions.

1. I use Post-it Notes or little scraps of paper to have students answer questions. I require all students to answer the question, and I wait until all have given a stab at it. Given enough time, students who rarely participate because they are slower processors find they can come up with great ideas. Fast processors find they can generate more indepth ideas if they give themselves a chance to think deeply.

2. Pair share with a twist is a great strategy. Instead of asking students to share their ideas, I ask them to share their partner's idea. The first time this is done, it is difficult for students to remember what the other person said. After instruction in listening strategies, they become more engaged with their classmate's idea.

Stay tuned for more ideas in my next post.