Homework! Oh Homework!

Homework, Oh Homework,

I hate you, you stink!

With all these projects, I'm right on the brink!

What will be next?  A project? A report? I can't wait to see,

Have no fear, I can do this,

I'm sure you'll agree.

He'll be done with college and I'll finally be FREE.

Victoria Olivadoti & Phyllis Matzkin

My mother and I wrote this poem after receiving a call from my youngest daughter from the Penn State library her freshman year. She had to report an incident she witnessed while working in the computer lab. One of her classmates had announced, "My mother's come through again!" as she printed off the first assignment of the year. She bragged that her mother wrote all her high school essays and even wrote her college essay. 

Fast forward ten years. This  young lady graduated and has moved from one job to another. At age 37, she is currently unemployed and living at home with her parents. Her mother can't help her keep a job, even though she tried to save her daughter's job a few times. 

This is an extreme situation, but emphasizes the need to empower our children to work through the hard stuff independently. Rescuing them isn't helping them find their own power to solve challenges. Each child possesses the innate ability to find solutions to every challenge. The parent's role is to believe their children can.

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