Give Your Child the Gift They Wanted - Stop and Smell the Roses With Them

Give Your Child the Gift They Wanted - Stop and Smell the Roses With Them

Creating a healthy relationship with our devices will guarantee our children do the same. We all need time to escape from the world of work and constant connection. Getting out into nature and exploring the colors, textures, scents, and feel of the natural beauty around us, free of cell phone dings and rings, is necessary for our and our children's mental health. 

Taking the time to look up into the sky on a cloudy day can lift spirits. Just last week, on the way to a doctor's appointment, my breath was taken away by the brilliant orange, yellow, and red leaves. If I lived on the east coast, this would not be unusual, but seeing it in California made my trip a true joy. I didn't even notice the bumper to bumper traffic.

On my eight hour trip home from Vegas that usually takes me four hours at the max, I wasn't angry, maybe a little over tired, but I got to really take in the beauty of the unusual snow that covered the desert summit. For miles, I could see Parents stopped on the side of the road to allow their children to make a snowman or have a snowball fight. It might have extended the time it would take them to get home, but the joy they experienced together, Free of cell phones, were memories that would last a lifetime. 

If you had time to connect with nature and with your children the past month., please share what you did and how it makes you feel as your reflect on it today.   


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