Device Readiness Skill #6

Device Readiness Skill #6

Savvy Consumers are aware of the techniques used by advertisers and game creators to lure children into making purchases? Before we put our children on devices, we need to sit with them to discuss what they are seeing while online.

In my April Blog, I shared the specific strategies used by advertisers. Click here to read about each of the following techniques used to capture children’s attention, which eventually can lure them to make purchases. In the New Your Times, Apple was quoted as saying, “We made $100 billion annually off of the downloads and purchases made from FREE games.” Being alerted to the means by which developers lure all of us in, will serve children and help them control their devices instead of the devices controlling them.

    1. The use of powerful words such as 'FREE' and 'Educational.'
    2. They appeal to our innate hard wiring to be connected to others, so the say, “Your Friends Can Play.”
    3. They offer FREE Daily Bonuses to lure children back every day.
    4. Advertisers offer specials on game related items, such as stuffed animals, t-shirts, etc.
    5. Behavior modification algorithms are used to determine the exact time to offer each specific player a prize or reward. Pointing this out to children will help them see the reason they should spend unpredictable amounts on time on their games. One day they might play for 15 minutes and the next for 10 minutes, then 30 minutes. Once they go back to playing for 10 minutes, they are more likely to receive prizes sooner. We can teach our children to mess with the algorithms the developers use.

Check in tomorrow when I share the last Readiness Skill.


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