Cell Phones For Children

Cell Phones For Children

Sleep issues plague my students. Recently a student approached me for help with her sleep problems. It was clear that the culprit of her sleep deprivation was due to the endless group texts that continued binging until eleven o'clock at night. 

One would not be surprised if this comment was made by a middle schooler, but I am a third grade teacher. Apparently, this is a common problem amongst my eight year old students.

The first reaction of most is to past judgment on the parents for letting the children have a phone or ipad of their own in the first place. There is a belief held that parents should control its use. 

I love technology and all it has to offer, however I am aware of the negative impact of using these devices. A few come to mind: sleep deprivation, early onset of cataracts in thirty-somethings which usually don't appear until one is a senior citizen, computer vision syndrome, and social media/game addiction. 

Some pediatricians feel children should never be exposed to technology until they are forced to use it once they reach school age. Others believe children should not have a phone of their own until they are at least eleven. Those selling apps for children's use will tell you the technology will make children smarter and more competitive. Of course, their data is designed to sell a product. 

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Dee - Feb 27, 2016

I don’t believe there is one right age. You have to know your child and follow your values. I do believe in moderation and just because one has technology doesn’t mean it can’t be take away or time rationed.

Victoria Olivadoti - Feb 27, 2016

I believe if we teach young children the affects of phones on their bodies and brains and them strategies for coping with them, we will empower children to use their devices mindfully. Giving the child an opportunity to prove they can manage their use properly before taking the privilege away is far more powerful.

Sophia - Feb 28, 2016

I don’t think children should have cell phones. It stops them from playing and using their imagination. Pushing a toy around on a screen with a finger is not the same thing as pushing a toy around on different surfaces with your whole body.

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