A Stuffed Animal Helps Promote Self-Compassion

Many of our children are too hard on themselves.  I love how one of my mothers was able to help her child be more self-compassionate when she made a mistake. The following is what she shared with her child when the child had difficulty with a homework assignment. 

"I had to deal with my daughter who forgot homework at school. Of, course, this sent her into a tizzy.  I reassured her that she could go in early the next day and do the homework, and the she resisted that idea stating that she was going to miss Hall of Fame anyway."

  (FYI-Homework is not late unless it is turned in after 8:30. Coming in early is one solution). 

I again reassured her that it was okay, but the she insisted, "It is NOT!" So I took her stuffed dog, who we pretend also goes to school. I said to her, "Your dog forgot his homework today too, and is going to miss Hall of FameAre you going to tell him 'bad dog' or that it's okay?" She smiled and said, "It's okay, ----." The dog got a  hug. I  got a hug and she went to sleep. :). She is much kinder to her stuffed animal than to herself." 

Learning to accept a mistake as an opportunity to change is how we benefit from the mistakes we make.  If we beat ourselves up every time we make a mistakes, our bodies would be permanently bruised.  Learning to fall, pick yourself up, and try something new at a young age is a gift we can give our children. 

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