Short Term Memory Loss

I was speaking with a psychologist yesterday. She reported that she has several thirty something patients who are experiencing short term memory loss. I wonder if this is something we will see more of with so much dependence on technology.

Just think about how things were done just twenty years ago. Not everyone one hand held devices to record their appointments or record their lists of to do items. What did they have to do? Yes, write them down.

The process of writing down items results in improved memory. 

As a result of the increased use of technology to do what were once memory building activities, we are indirectly impacting our short term memory. Just like any muscle, the short term memory needs to be exercised by engaging in tasks that require we use it. Just a thought? What do you think on this subject? Are you a thirty something experiencing short term memory loss? Do you rely solely on digital records? I want to hear what you have to say.

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